Edmonton Transit

Corporate ID + Branding

The way we move.

The Edmonton Transit System is an evolving transportation service for the citizens of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Servicing a population of over 800,000 in the Greater Edmonton Area, the fleet contains over 200 bus routes, 1000 busses, and 100 light rail vehicles.


The Edmonton Transportation System (ETS) outlines its mission as being a public service that is fully integrative, easy-to-use, and progressive, and focuses on enforcing its key values of affordability, efficiency, and reliability through its service to Edmontonians. The presented rebrand is intended to present a system of communication that reflects the service's core values, while creating a future-thinking identity that is more personable to its users.

The tagline, 'Moving to the future', reflects a vision that is simplified, modern, and futuristic in thinking and process. This is also communicated through the simplication of the existing logo into one letterform (an E, representing Edmonton), also featuring keylines in the form of common transportation maps. The colour scheme was chosen as a callback to ETS's previous colour scheme used in the 1990s, in addition to its level of contrast for easily identifiable visual elements.


Final Applications